Gravity Forms personal data exporter and eraser

When WordPress 4.9.6 launched on May 17, 2018 it came with new tools for exporting and erasing personal data that you may have collected (you know, GDPR and all). But Gravity Forms as of version 2.3.2 doesn’t integrate with these tools. Fortunately, it is really easy to write your own exporters and erasers.

How to mitigate CVE-2018-6389 – the load-scripts.php DoS “attack” in WordPress

A little sensationalist written blog post by Barak Tawily claims that WordPress is vulnerable to a DoS attack because of the load-scripts.php file which concatenates JavaScript files on the fly.

Cut 90% of your WordPress translations loading time

WordPress translations are compiled from human-readable PO-files into machine optimized MO-files, but still takes a lot of overhead to load. If you only could cache the translation load time, you would save a lot of page load time. We can easily cut 90% of our WordPress translations loading time.

Speed up the output by 1000x with a WordPress menu cache

Generating the menus in WordPress is quite resource intensive. Sites with few visitors and few menu items might not notice this much. But if you have a large amount of menu items, like in a mega menu, in combination with a lot of visitors the menu generation can be a real hog on your server’sContinue reading “Speed up the output by 1000x with a WordPress menu cache”