Welcome to WordCamp Oslo 2018

On March 2–4 2018, Friday through Sunday, there will be a great chance to meet WordPressers at the conference WordCamp Oslo 2018.

WordPressers are all kinds of people who are interested in WordPress – e.g. front- and backend developers, designers, bloggers, hosting companies, writers, webshop owners.

WordCamp Oslo 2018, Friday: Contributor and Workshop Day

Friday will be a day full of workshops and groups of people who will work together on improving many aspects of WordPress: code, plugins, themes, translations, documentation, community work etc. If you don’t know how this is done, you should really meet up and be empowered to fix the things you think needs fixing. This is open source, after all. The workshops will cover a lot of subjects, like performance tuning, design sketching and how to set up the perfect checkout in WooCommerce. This day is called “Contributor Day”.

Discussions at the WordCamp Norway 2016 Contributor Day

WordCamp Oslo 2018, Saturday: Conference Day

Saturday is Conference Day, where we will have two tracks witch 16 presentations in total covering a lot of subjects, like development, business, design, accessibility, e-commerce and a lot more. Whether you’re new to WordPress or a hardcore veteran, there should be several interesting presentations for you. Most of them are in English, and we are expecting an international audience. After the presentations, there will be served food and we expect an awesome afterparty. Find the full schedule on the official WordCamp Oslo 2018 website.

WordCamp Norway 2016. Photo by Luca Sartoni. License: CC BY-SA 2.0

WordCamp Oslo 2018, Sunday: Community Day

Sunday is our “Community Day”, where we will organize something fun. Exactly what, depends on the weather – it is a good idea to bring clothes to be outdoors in the snow. This is your chance to meet and get to know the WordPressers even better. Call it networking, call it time off, or call it hanging out with folks with the same interests as yourself. Both friendships and business deals have been made here in the past.

Get your ticket to WordCamp Oslo 2018

Thanks to the sponsors, and the fact that WordCamp Oslo 2018 is a non-profit community-organized event, the tickets to the conference is available for only 300 NOK (~31 EUR) – lunch on Friday and Saturday included. That is dirt cheap!

Here’s a recap of the previous WordCamp organized in Oslo:

Don’t wait until they’re sold out: get your ticket to WordCamp Oslo 2018 now!

By the way: I’m one of the co-organizers. I would not spend my free time organizing this for free unless I knew it will be great. See you in Oslo in March!