A reference of all outgoing WordPress emails

As you may know, WordPress sends out email notifications from time to time. Actually, as of WordPress 4.8.1, there are 24 different occasions when WordPress will send an email message. Don’t you think it would be useful to have a reference of all outgoing WordPress emails?

Well, we’re in luck! John Blackbourn (WordPress Core Developer, release lead for WordPress 4.1) has documented all the situations, and includes lots of useful information:

  • What situation causes WordPress to send the email.
  • Who will receive the email. In some cases, there are multiple recipients under certain conditions.
  • The subject of the email.
  • The function where the email sending is triggered from.
  • Whether the function is a pluggable, i.e. if you can replace it with your own.
  • How to filter the content or disable the email being sent.

He has published the excellent WordPress emails reference as a GitHub gist (the internal links don’t work in the embedded Gist, so go to the original source):

Thank you, John!