Tracking visitors with adblockers

More and more users are using adblockers or surfing the web via private browsing with tracking protection. But this also affects your web analytics, as the blockers also will block analytics tracking – not only third party services like Google Analytics, but also self-hosted solutions like Piwik.

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Do you want my time for free?

Publishing open source software or articles for free is very giving. Not only does it give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside when someone appreciates what you release, but it can also have other indirect consequences that give you a happier life.

But when something is free – as in no cost – people will also often turn to a mindset where they don’t appreciate your effort, time or value as a human being. For some reason, some people forget all about being polite and demands that I give them professional support because they can’t read instructions, don’t know what they are doing, or just feel like their time is much more important than mine.
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Moderate WordPress comments with WP-CLI

I very much appreciate comments that bring new insights, corrects my errors, or leaves a thank you note. But even so, it is a bit tedious to moderate comments. Though logging into WordPress – even with two-factor authentication enabled – isn’t much of a hassle, it is still a nuisance when you just want to approve or trash a couple of comments.
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