Using fail2ban to block WordPress login attacks

Fail2ban works by filtering a log file with a regular expression triggering a ban action if the condition is met. After a preset time, it will trigger an unban action. Without much effort, we can have WordPress log all authentication events and have fail2ban react on them.

«Slap-on» speed optimization of your WordPress site

OK, so you might have been at a WordCamp listening to talks or reading a few blog posts and you get that you should really get your WordPress site speed optimized. Starting all over isn’t either tempting nor something you have the time for. Don’t despair, you’ll get a long way by installing 5 plugins.

Optimize your JS and CSS loading in WordPress

When you get into page loading optimization, you will quickly find these «must-dos»: Combine your CSS and JavaScript files (respectively), minimize your CSS and JavaScript, load CSS before JS, load JS in body footer and then even some. Without much effort, we can make WordPress do all of this automatically.

Make Gravity Forms’ JavaScript load in the footer

Gravity Forms is not only THE way to create and manage forms in WordPress, but is also pretty awesome when it comes to extensibility and flexibility. However, as most software, it has its issues. One of those is how it outputs some of the JavaScript, which in certain cases will break your site. This isContinue reading “Make Gravity Forms’ JavaScript load in the footer”

Publishing WordPress site from development to production server – or moving your WordPress installation from one host to another

You have finished that WordPress site, and want to deploy it – move it from your test server to the production server where it goes live. But how? WordPress have a famous 5-minute-install, but there is no 5-minute-go-live-script. This is how.