The slides from my presentation on HTTP/2 at WordCamp Belgrade 2015

Here are my slides from WordCamp Belgrade 2015:
HTTP/2 is here – Unlearn your optimization skills
If you’re having issues with the HTML version, you may download a PDF here.

Here are some further resource material for you to get started with HTTP/2:

http2 explained: Background, the protocol, the implementations and the future, by Daniel Stenberg.

The spec doc Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 2 by HTTPbis Working Group

Innovating with HTTP 2.0 Server Push by Ilya Grigorik

Link prefetching FAQ from Mozilla Developer Network

How Nginx plans to suppport HTTP/2

HTTP/2 Wiki page: Implementations – showing current implementation of HTTP/2 in software.

The Chromium Projects, SPDY: Server Push and Server Hints

Tim Nash have a post on how you can set up nghttp2 in front of Nginx, so you can start experimenting with HTTP/2.

I will (hopefully) publish a post here on my braindump-blog on setting up h2o, which I am currently using on my experimental servers.